Location:- High Street

Brewery or Owner:-

The White Horse is shown on Chapman's map of 1768 was being next door to the Golden Lion, i.e. where J D Store is now (2019)

Peter May's book "Newmarket Inventories 1662 to 1715" says John Funston's sister Margaret (later Mrs Edward Stafford) and his brother Henry, between them owned several properties in Newmarket, including the White Horse, The Boar's Head and the Blackbird. That was in 1680.

The confusion arises with the past newspaper cutting. The only instance where the White Horse, Newmarket is mentioned since the census began, and in no census is there any entry for the White Horse or a publican in that location. Since so many surrounding villages have a "White Horse" there is plenty of scope for error
It does seem more than likely that when the property of Robert Jones was sold in 1789 that the White Horse ceased to exist as a hotel and became a residential holding, or it happened when William Last died

Year Licensee Owner source
1768 Chapman's map
1769 for sale Robert Jones- Brewery sale Bury & Norwich Post
1798 Mary Robson directory
1810 William Last (died Jan.) " "
1878 court case " "