Location:- High Street

Brewery or Owner:- currently Marston's

The White Hart should not be confused with The Hart, which was next door to the Rutland Arms Hotel.
Inns of Suffolk (1946) makes the claim of this being the oldest Inn in Newmarket, but that now seems unlikely. The book says it existed for sure in 1629 and was probably rebuilt after the fire of 1683. There are several premises still in existence that this website can document as at least that age. In fact it gets no mention in Peter May's book "The Changing Face of Newmarket 1600-1760"

One snag about researching these sort of premises is that the newspaper articles are extremely numerous due to the hotels being used a great deal for coaching stops and for auctions and inquests, hence there may well be adverts for a sale over several weeks in several newspapers. In the case of the White Hart that entailed close on 3,000 articles. of which only a few were of use for this project.
It is interesting to see that the Chennell name, once removed from the hotel/brewery appears with a partner in an auctioneers, perhaps they worked out which profession was the more profitable.

Still seeking a definite date for the re-opening of the hotel after WW2. The re-build took place during 1953 and 1954. There are several comments about the hotel at the time of the bombing in the Newmarket Local History Society's book "One day in February". This is a very comprehensive account of the bombing raid which destroyed the White Hart. Out of print at present (2019), plans are afoot for a reprint
The White Hart was another business with a "Tap". This bar was close to the end of the yard on the boundary with Church Lane, sadly now demolished.
The photograph of the men in the brewery yard must have been posed as no right minded brewery worker would stand with the rope round behind him, and also unless the cask was empty, the man in the cellar was risking life and limb, since the cask would contain 36 gallons of beer. If full it would certainly have meant two men on the rope "upstairs" and the man in the cellar keeping well out of the way.
There have been many internal alterations since the 1950's but the basic structure has changed little. Most of the brewery building have been replaced over the years, having survived the bombing, they did not survive economic circumstances in the 60's and 70's

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Year Licensee Owner source
Thomas Turner " " Bury & Norwich Post
1788 Ralph Golding Bury & Norwich Post
1792 Ralph Golding (died Nov.) " "
1792 Elizabeth Golding (Mrs) (widow of previous) " "
1812 " " up for rent " "
1815 " " (died 1819) " "
1819 Thomas Golding (son of previous) "
1821 Thomas Golding up for sale - sold 1823 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1823 James Rickards Pigot
1826 Charles Worley Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1834 Charles Bottom "
1841 " " census
1861 " " census
1864 Thomas Ekin (nephew of previous)(died 1867) Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1868 Benjamin Chennell Benjamin Chennell Bury & Norwich Post
1871 " " census
1877 Benjamin Chennell to Robert Layton " " Bury & Norwich Post
1881 Robert Layton " " census
1883 Benjamin Chennell " " Bury Free Press
1891 Gertrude Barnes (housekeeper) " " census
1892 Frederick Chennell Kelly
1897 Star Brewery, Cambridge Kelly
1900 Sept William Harvey Varrow (ex Rising Sun) " " Cambridge Independent Press
1901 William Varrow " " census
1904 " " (bankrupt) " " Cambridge Independent Press
1911 Edwin Jupp " " census
1916 " " fined &2 - black out offence Bury Free Press
1920 " " fined &35 - over charging Cambridge Daily News
1921 " " Bury Free Press
1925 John Edward Goldsmith Bury Free Press
1933 Thomas Brooks Bury Free Press
1936 Reginald William - manager 1936 Newmarket Directory
1939 Doris Jones - manageress 1939 register
1939 James Crowe White Hart TAP 1939 register
18-2-1941 destroyed in bombing
2002 Ian Holt Marston's plc Newmarket Journal
24-11-2005 Ian Holt Marston's plc licensing register
24-11-2005 Dylan Robert Lane " " " "
17-8-2015 Joshua Peter Duigan " " " "
15-11-2017 Steven William King " " " "
24-1-2018 Dylan Robert Lane " " " "



c1925..thanks to https://www.facebook.com/OldNewmarket/photos/

1930's..thanks to https://www.facebook.com/OldNewmarket/photos/

Then and now..thanks to Mike Mingay

1950's not long after re-opening