Location:- Regent Street (now Rowley Drive)

Brewery or Owner:-finally - Tolly Cobbold

The Wheatsheaf stood on Regents Street (now part of Rowley Drive) at the bottom of Icewell Hill, with Chelsea Terrace on the opposite corner. In those days Regents Street ended at the Council Depot a bit further along. Horses reaching the end detoured around the Depot Field to join The Rows at the end of Black Bear Lane

The end for the Wheatsheaf, as with the Victory, came when the whole of Icewell Hill was razed to the ground in order to build what are now Icewell Hill flats. Instead of compensation for the loss of licence, the licence was transferred to the newly built Palomino in Valley Way

From Mike Petty's Newmarket Scrapbook :-
"3rd February 1964 - The Victory, one of Newmarket's oldest public houses, was officially closed on New Year's Day. Now demolition workers are pulling down what has been a fami liar landmark for over 100 years. The pub is the second to be demolished under Newmarket Council's Icewell Hill re -development scheme. The Wheatsheaf was the first. Under an agreement with the owners, Tollemache and Cobbold Ltd, they have been replaced by a new building, The Palomino on the Houldsworth Valley estate."

Year Licensee Owner source
1789 Robert Jones (sale) Bury & Norwich Post
1798 John White
1814 ? ? Bury & Norwich Post
1839 SamuelSpeechley Charles Phillips
1859 from John Armstead to James Rayner Charles Phillips Bury & Norwich Post
1861 Charles Dunn Charles Phillips census
1865 Charles Shafe sold by Phillips Bury & Norwich Post
1871 James Mockford (died Jan.1879) census
1881 Sarah Mockford (Mrs) (widow of previous)) census
1891 Nathaniel Hall census
1901 Henry Stannard census
1911 Henry Stannard census
1925 Arthur George Curl came from the Victory Bury Free Press
1932 "" " Bury Free Press
1935 Henry Rodman Bury Free Press
1941 " " fined £20 receive stolen goods Bury Free Press
1960s William Garnham

undated map, probably late 1880-s


c1900s with Icewell Hill

late 1930s, with Henry Rodman

Bill Smith relates that Bill Garnham, being a close friend of Tom Stonham, the organist at St Mary's
when the pub was closed, took the sign and gave it to Tom and that same bracket is still attached to the corner of the Turner Hall (2020)