Location:- Victory Lane, Icewell Hill

Brewery or Owner:- last..Tolly Cobbold

The Victory was for a short while named the Queen Victoria. Nothing has been found to indicate why the change was made.
The death of Thomas Hills in 1867 posed some question, since it appears his widow Harriett then took over, but by 1871 census the publican is another widow, Harriet Edwards who from newspaper reports had run the pub for 5 years. Apparently she re-married (to William Edwards) and was very quickly widowed again. As she was only 25 in the 1871 census she had an eventful young life. There was much in the press in 1872 regarding the refusal to renew her licence and how signatures were obtained in her support.Hopefully searches of the Newmarket Journal may provide more answers
From Mike Petty's Newmarket Scrapbook :-
"3rd February 1964 - The Victory, one of Newmarket's oldest public houses, was officially closed on New Year's Day. Now demolition workers are pulling down what has been a fami liar landmark for over 100 years. The pub is the second to be demolished under Newmarket Council's Icewell Hill re-development scheme. The Wheatsheaf was the first. Under an agreement with the owners, Tollemache and Cobbold Ltd, they have been replaced by a new building, The Palomino on the Houldsworth Valley estate."

Year Licensee Owner source
1844 James Francis Deeks at Queen Victoria White
1855 " " " " White
1861 Thomas Hills at The Victory census
1867 " "(died May) Bury & Norwich Post
1868 Harriet Hills (widow of previous ?) Morris
1869 William Edwards (died March) Post Office
1869 Harriet Edwards (widow of previous) Bury & Norwich Post
1872 Harriet Edwards Bury Free Press
1872 George Harrison (died Nov.) 1 year lease from William Hogg
1873 Mary Harrison (widow of above?) Harrods
1876 Frederick Harrison (brother of George) Frederick Harrison Bury Free Press
1878 Frederick Hall Bury & Norwich Post
1879 Frederick Harrison to John Harrison perhaps previous was a typo Bury Free Press
1880 John Harrison sale of effects and Inn Bury Free Press
1880 John Smith fined for poaching Cambridge Independent Press
1881 " " census
1891 " " census
1891 Charles William Smith (son of previous) Bury & Norwich Post
1904 " " (died 1907) Kelly
1908 Henry D Barrett Kelly
1911 Edward Miller census
April 1915 Alfred George Sillet to Charles Bird Bury Free Press
1916 Charles Bird Kelly
August 1917 available to rent Cambridge Daily News
1922 Arthur George Curl Kelly
1925 Arthur George Curl moved to Wheatsheaf
1929 Albert Bolke Kelly
1933 Charles Bird Kelly
1939 Charles Bird 1939 register
1940 Richard Stokes Bury Free Press
? Percival Willett

undated map, probably 1880's

Charlie Bird - Robert - Amy
Dawn - Jenny