(previously RAM INN)

Location:- High Street

Brewery or Owner:-2019 - Review Hotels Ltd

It is well known that on one occasion the eccentric Lord Orford drove his favourite team, consisting of four stags, from Houghton Hall, his country seat in Norfolk (after which, by the way, the Houghton meeting is called), into Newmarket, a distance of about twenty-nine miles. When he was approaching his destination, the Essex Hounds chanced to cross the road along which he had passed just before, and catching up the burning scent of the four stags, they immediately gave chase. As they drew near to the vehicle, their loud notes, or what fox-hunters call "their music", alarmed the stags, which galloped at full speed into the town, and dashed into the wide-open portals of the inn which stood on the site subsequently occupied by The Ram. The doors were immediately closed, and the lives of the stags saved from their eager pursuers. This occurrence was the cause of the name of the inn being changed to "Ram Inn", "ramish" being a word for strong scented.

The closed up archway on right side of frontage, now an entrance to the restaurant, still has plate signifying no right of way, from when it was another entrance to the yard.

The hotel was rebuilt by 5th Duke of Rutland - John Henry Manners in 1815 and became "The Rutland Arms Hotel". The builder was John Kent who also designed the New Jockey Club
The Bury and Norwich Post of 13th September 1815 has "Ram Inn", and on October 13th it is referred to as "Rutland Arms Inn.

The hotel was purchased in 2018 by the owners of the Bedford Lodge Hotel who plan to restore it to its previous glory

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Year Licensee Owner source
1776 Thomas Morley CRO licensing records
1786 advert Bury & Norwich Post
1787 Chapman's map
1813 Daniel Potter (Died March 1813) Bury & Norwich Post
1816 Mrs Mary Potter(widow of previous) at times "The Ram", others "The Rutland Arms" Bury & Norwich Post
1823 Mary Potter died 1824 Pigot
1830 William Ratcliff pigot
1841 " " census
1844 Thomas Sabin White
1851 " " census
1852 Dec. William Boyce White
1855 " " White
1861 Thomas Bacon (bankrupt in July 1861) census
1864 lease from Alfred Maddick to Emmanuel Underdown and William Langdale CRO K1010/T/541
1866 Charles Stebbings (died 1871) Newmarket Hotels Co.Ltd CRO K1010/T/542
1871 Betsy Stebbings (Mrs) (widow of previous) " " census
1881 " " census
1881 Samuel Pilbrow at Rutland Arms Tap census
1891 Betsy Stebbing (Mrs)(died 1894) census
1900 Henry Taylor Col. McCalmont Kelly
1901 " " census
1908 " " (died 1915) Kelly
1911 Henry George Quilter manager census
1915 Henry Taylor (died January 1915) " " Bury Free Press
April 1915 Ferdinand Craven Taylor (son of Henry) " " Bury Free Press
1915 Jane Taylor (Mrs, widow of Henry) " " Bury Free Press
1920 Ferdinand Craven Taylor manager for his mother Bury Free Press
1939 1939 register
Ernest Albert Oakes Bury Free press
Frederick Newsham Patons of Peterborough
3-2-1983 Dorienne Jean McArthur " " licensing records
1991 Michael Thompson local knowledge
2000 Peter Guy Hobday Peter Guy Hobday licensing register
25-1-2006 Stephanie Jane Carvell (Mrs) Swallow Hotels Ltd " "
2-10-2006 " " LESG (Licensing) Co.Ltd " "
17-10-2006 " " Oxford Hotels and Inns management " "
6-8-2007 Paul Glashier " " " "
1-10-2007 Stephanie Jane Carvell (Mrs) " " " "
21-11-2013 Emma Dall (Ms) " " " "
23-7-2014 Christopher Nigel Gooder " " " "
22-10-2014 Joshua John Rose " " " "
16-1-2017 Christopher Nigel Gooder " " " "
16-3-2017 Mark Timothy Robinson " " " "
26-4-2017 Christopher Nigel Gooder " " " "
4-7-2017 Joshua John Rose " " " "
13-8-2018 Joshua John Rose Review Hotels Ltd (t/a Rutland Arms Hotel) " "

map shows 3rd access into yard from Palace Street

about 1895

Rutland Courtyard around 1912

about 1900.......................................about 1930s

Amy Johnson 1934..............................local hunt.................Tommy Doherty - waiter and well known amateur photographer

Getting ready for Coronation 'elf an safety" then
photo by Tommy Doherty

1980's veteran car rally....Fred Newsham (hotel manager)

The warning is still there in 2020