Final Location:- Park Lane

The Bristish Legion, Newmarket Branch was formed on 14th September 1921.

From the Mike Petty Collection:-
"1st April 1922 The Army hut which is to serve as a club house for members of the Newmarket branch of the British Legion was formally opened by Earl Cordovan. The entrance door opens on the canteen, a very important part of the economy of any club. On the left had side of the bar are the reading and card rooms, comfortably furnished and warmed by stoves. On the right of the bar is the billiard room with one full-sized table, Mr J. Jarvis has given a silver cup to be played for by the members. The ground is the property of the Jockey Club who have kindly let it to the Legion at a peppercorn rent of £1 a year."

The hut was destroyed in a fire in ?? and the Club re-located to premises in Crampton's Yard further up Park Lane. From there they acquired Park Gate lower down Park Lane on the eastern side. Eventually, in 2009 the club house was sold for development and the club ceased to exist. The branch of the R.B.L. continued by holding its meetings in various other venues.

Year Licensee Owner source
nothing on register

the original site (1) was in this yard (Golding's Garage)

then moved to Crampton's Yard (2)

and finally closed here at Park Gate (3)