Location:- There being no such road as Rous Road at the time, the address would have been The High Street

Originally the "great and good" apparently met at the Red Lion , which was at Red Lion Square, in the vicinity of Rous Road junction with the High Street and Rutland Chambers. It is quite possible that the Inn was where Corney &' Barrow's wine store stands now.
The Inn was the premises for many auction sales in what was reported to be "The Great Room".

Searching on line for the Red Lion is not made any easier by the fact that Red Lion seems to be the most popular pub name in England, and villages surrounding Newmarket all have/had a pub of such name

Newspaper references to the Red Lion, Newmarket seem to cease around 1850, which was also about the time of the building of Rous Road, so presumably when the inn ceased to exist


Year Licensee Owner source
1768 Chapman's map
1773 Jeremiah Smith CRO Licensing records
1779 Richard Marshall " "
1787 a sale catalogue available at the Red Lion Bury & Norwich Post
1803 Robert Edwards (died Sept.) " "
1805 John Edwards (presumed to be son of previous) " "
1817 " " " "
1821 " " sale of effects as he is quitting " "
1823 " " offered for rent, immediate possession " "