Location:- 168 High Street, opposite The Terrace

The Half Moon is first recorded b Peter May (Newmarket 1600-1760) where Walter Poulter purchased it from his father in law. Most information is from the time of William Day and his widow Frances. Hopefully one day more may be discovered. From the few newspaper reports, it was difficult to sell, being offered for several years years, so perhaps it was poor in trade and converted to a private dwelling on the death of Frances Day. It is not mentioned in the Press after 1864
Looking carefully at the brickwork in the centre of the 2nd floor it appears there has been some alterations in the past

Year Licensee Owner source
1680s Peter May "Changing face of Newmarket 1600-1760"
1787 Chapman's map
1787 Chapman's map
1794 William Day Cambridge Intelligence
1799 William Day Bury & Norwich Post
1819 William Day (found dead on road) Bury & Norwich Post
1823 Frances Day (Mrs, widow of previous) Pigot
1839 " " Robson
1841 " " census
1851 " " Gardiner
1861 " " census
1862 offered for sale census
1864 Mrs Frances Day died Feb. still for sale Bury Free Press
1865 Mrs Frances Day ?? Post Office

2009 - photo Mike Mingay