GREYHOUND HOTEL (St Mary's ward)
formerly MAID'S HEAD - JARVIS'S HOTEL then the

Location:- High Street, St Mary's side

Brewery or Owner:-various

approximate extent of Carlton 1976

The Greyhound on the St Marys side of the High Street was preceded on the site by other hostelries. The earliest found was the Maid's Head (or Maidenhead). Confusingly there was an earlier Greyhonund on the All Saints side of the High Street, which seems to have disappeared, subsumed into the King's Palace opposite. Peter May (1600-1760) records that John Archer bequeathed the poor of St.Mary's Parish a case of red herrings on the 1st Sunday in Lent and 62 Band Faggots on the first working day after Christmas, payable out of the Maidenhead Inn
This was followed by Jarvis's Hotel during some of the period in that family's ownership. 1896 the Greyhound was demolished and a very large new hotel built. Rebuilding of the old Greyhound Hotel, now Victoria Hotel, High St, for Reilly & Co (Walter Emden, 105-106 Strand, London WC) (Bury St Edmunds Records Office) EF 506/6/1/1/21,23 Oct 1896.

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Year Licensee Owner source
1682 Peter May (1600-1760)
1714 Francis Pitt Peter May (1600-1760)
1730 John Archer Peter May (1600-1760)
1787 as the Greyhound Chapman's map
1794 advertisement Bury & Norwich Post
1809 Robert Clark Bury Free Press
1823 John Clark Pigot's and Robson's directories
1841 John Clark census
1843 John Clark, moved to Three Tuns Bury & Norwich Post
1844 William Jarvis White
1857 William Jarvis (bankruptcy proceedings Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1861 William & Mary Jarvis (William Junr and Louisa were at Railway Inn) census
1869 William Jarvis junior Post Office
1871 William [37] and Louisa Jarvis census
1881 Louisa Jarvis (Wm died May 1880) census
1883 sold, (advert gives 17 bed chambers) Suffolk Records Office
1885 Thomas Howard White
1887 William Reilly " " Newmarket Journal
1891 William Reilly census
1892 Reilly & Sons, wine merchants Tindall
1896 C.O.Wilkinson Kelly
1897 became Hotel Victoria
1899 Frank Philips Reilly & Co Bury Free Press
1901 Frank Philips census
1908 as Victoria Bars William Reilly & Co Kelly
1911 Ernest Gayfer (for official receiver) census
1916 Barrington Lynham
1929 Barrington Lynham White
1933 Cecil H.A.Coates
1939 Cecil H.A.Coates ( as cinema manager) 1939 register
1946 Cecil H.A.Coates
1960's Reginald Woodcraft
1965 official receiver
1973 sold for c £100,000 Irvine Allen

c 1870s





Rear entrance in 1971
between Fish Bar and Peter Challice bookmakers


the ballroom.................................winter garden

winter garden


High Street January 1990

Clarks....W H Smith...Boots...Currys....Tooks Bakery....Dewhurst Butchers...Freeman,Hardy,Willis