Location:- next to the Bushel in Drapery Row

Only records seen so far are the deeds going back to 7th June 1797, when Joseph Watson of Waddington in the Count of Lincoln surrendered the tenancy, which he had held since 1774, of the property previously known as an alehouse known by the sign of the Green Dragon to Richard Claydon. These deeds were lodged by Chick Barton with Suffolk Records Office in Bury St Edmunds in 2018. His parents had at times several grocery shops in the area, finally, in 1924, the shop next door to the Bushel. Study of the deeds revealed the premises were once the Green Dragon.

There is one other mention, in where Joseph Clay Howcutt is reported as, being in the 1881 census:-
" listed as a boarder at the Woolpack Inn [1], which stood on the east side of Drapery Row and was the second building to the south of its junction with Market Street, facing the Green Dragon and the Bushel Inn".

The name Richard Jarvis occurs quite often in subsequent changes of tenancy, the Jarvis family seem to have had many pub connections in the late 18th and the 19th century in Newmarket. When the Green Dragon ceased to be an inn and was converted to a shop has yet to be found, but it looks as if it may have been post 1841. In the 1841 census the next entry to that of John Mainprice (Bushel) is Thomas Hills - publican; the 1851 census for the St Mary's ward was lost; not identified in any other census by any innkeeper not accounted for in other properties.

Drapery Row was part of a congested and picturesque area known as The Rookery.

as a general stores on 1930s