Location:- possibly High Street

Brewery or Owner:-unknown

Comparing dates it would seem this has no relationship to the Fox and Goose This was found when Rachel Wood was looking for something else and she kindly forwarded it to me. Sadly still no actual location is given

Repository Somerset Heritage Centre...Reference number DD/GL/189
Cottage known as the 'Boares Head', 1693, and the 'Fox', 1713-1723, with another messuage erected (by 1720) in the yard, purchased by Francis Pitt of Newmarket, gentleman, in 1720, conveyed to the Hon. William Morgan of Tredegar (Monmouthshire) Esq., 1723, and acquired by Francis, Earl of Godolphin in 1730, the buildings being then 'lately demolished'. Earlier deeds principally concern the families of Fletcher and Froward alias Thrower [12 documents with original numeration and contemporary abstract]. Ground near the above premises conveyed from Francis, Earl of Godolphin, to Francis Pitt, gentleman, reserving a right of way into the 'Foxyard', 1721, and (probably stray) bond to keep covenants from Richard Bradwell of Newmarket, yeo., to Sir Robert Tyrrell of Castle Camps, 1636.

At least we now know that the Boars Head and Fox ceased to exist from around 1730

The Earl Godolphin mentioned was the 2nd Earl, and having no children the title died with him. He was the owner of one of the Arabian horses (The Godolphin Arabian) from which today's thoroughbreds are descended