Location:- Station Approach

Brewery or Owner:-Star Brewery, then Tolly Cobbold

Designed by Sir William Edis, the hotel received its first full licence on 7th April 1903, despite initial objections. Transferred from the Star Brewery , Cambridge to Tolly Cobbold of Ipswich

From Mike Petty's Newmarket Scrapbook :-
"5th January 1912 - The manager of the Coronation Hotel, Newmarket was awakened by his dog and found smoke coming into the room through the chinks in the doorway. On opening the door he was met by a volume of smoke pouring in from the corridor. Finding the usual outlet to the street barred he went round to the back and lowered himself by a knotted sheet from a window. The heat of the flames cracked the liqueur and spirit bottles which added to the flames but six dozen bottles of Bass, when broken, assisted in extinguishing them."

In the Sedgewick Museum are some bones of straight tusked elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, aurochs, bison, red deer and fallow deer. These came from a pit close to Newmarket Station, now occupied by the Coronation Hotel, as Recorded by Marr (1926, 115). Hughes (1916, 16) described "beds of gravel and sand with lenticular masses of kneaded-up chalk and grey clay with chalk and flint at its base". He thought the bones were probably derived from an earlier deposit.

At one time there was a sale yard for livestock next door, sold in 1912 by Holland and Sons.

Newmarket JournalNewmarket Journal
Year Licensee Owner source
June 1903 Alfred Mellon Star Brewery Cambridge Daily News
Oct.1903 George Ricks " " Cambridge Daily News
c1910 F.W.Hyde " " postcard
1911 Ferdinand Willson " " census
1913 Ferdinand Willson was dealing with the Official Receiver " " Gazette
1913 lease sold " " Cambridge Independent Press
1916 John H.W.Norman " " Kelly
1939 John H.W.Norman Tolly Cobbold bought Star Brewery in 1934 1939 register
1940 John H.W.Norman Tolly Cobbold Bury Free Press
1947 ? Heaton " " Bury Free Press
1966 - 1991? Irvine Waterfall Tolly Cobbold
1991 Erich Ketternacker Tolly Cobbold
1993 Erich Ketternacker Tolly Cobbold

c 1910

Cambridge Independent Press 20 June 1913 sale notice
Ferdinand Wilson declared bankrupt

It got a bit windy on 3rd January 1978 (Coronation in background)

the day after tornado of 3rd January 1978

Coronation Court 2018