(previously RAILWAY INN)

Location:- All Saints Road

Brewery or Owner:-last Admiral Taverns Ltd

Not only was the pub renamed, the street is on its third re-incarnation. Originally built on Railway Street (from Park Lane, down to the cross roads and turn right to the railway station (the Old Station), then renamed Lower Station Road which went from the station to All Saints church, before ending up as All Saints Road

Sold unlicensed on 27th January 2009

One interesting publican was Herbert George Southey (Tiny), who was also still a jockey and after leaving the pub, in 1913 rode the winner of the Cambridgeshire
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Year Licensee Owner source
1855 Josiah Marrow (at Carpenters Arms) White
1855 Thomas Rayner(at Carpenters Arms) Cambridge Independent Press
1857 "occupier"(at Carpenters Arms) from late landlord Thomas Rayner Cambridge Independent Press
1861 William Jarvis (at Railway Inn) census
1869 William Eagle (at Carpenters Arms) Post Office
1871 William Eagle (at Railway Inn) census
1874 William Eagle (at Carpenters Arms) White
1879 Joseph Crick (died August 1879) to George Cooper Bury Free Press
1881 George Cooper census
1883 George Cooper Kelly
1888 Robert Cunnington Kelly
1891 Charles Stephenson census
1901 Charles Stephenson census
1904 Joseph Scanlan Kelly
1908 Joseph Scanlan Kelly
1911 Herbert George Southey Cutlack & Harlock, (Quay Brewery,Ely) census
1912 Fred Stevens Kelly
1916 John Robert Brown fined & 2 - black-out offence Bury Free Press
1922 John Robert Brown Kelly
1925 JEdward James Sayers Kelly
1932 Edward James Sayers Steward & Patteson Post Office
1932 Charles Rhoades Steward & Patteson Bury Free Press
1939 Charles Rhoades " " 1939 register
1963 Watney, Mann
1966 ? Skelton " " licensing records
1966 Mrs Hubbard " " licensing records
1967 ? Stebbins (an American) " " licensing records
1-2-1968 Morris Rampley " " licensing records
1974 Grand Metropolitan Hotels
1998 Morris Rampley " " licensing records
1998 Rita Rayner Punch Taverns licensing records
2005 Mrs Violet Ann Dutton Punch Taverns Ltd licensing records
14-12-2005 Mrs Violet Ann Dutton Admiral Taverns Ltd licensing records
14-12-2007 Stuart White Admiral Taverns Ltd licensing records
27-1-2009 Stuart White (licence surrendered) Admiral Taverns Ltd licensing records



Murless's lads c1970

Morris & Margaret Rampley 1998