Location:- High Street, St Mary's side

Brewery or Owner:-various

approximate extent of Carlton 1976

The Carlton was preceded on the site by several hostelries. The earliest found was the Maid's Head (or Maidenhead). Peter May (1600-1760) records that John Archer bequeathed the poor of St.Mary's Parish a case of red herrings on the 1st Sunday in Lent and 62 Band Faggots on the first working day after Christmas, payable out of the Maidenhead Inn

Around 1700 this apparently became the Boar's Head

This was followed by The Greyhound, named Jarvis's Hotel during some of the period in that family's ownership. Confusingly there was another, earlier Greyhound on the opposite side of the High Street. This was owned by John Pickes, who died in 1618, leaving to his widow Frances, the inn called the Greyhound "wherein I now dwell". This was later bought by King Charles II to form part of his new Palace (where The Stable now stands)

The Greyhound we are dealing with was known in 1787 as the Greyhound. Lord Godolphin inherited all of Tregonwell's property, amongst which the Greyhound which he insured against fire with the Company of London Insurers.
In 1896 the Greyhound was demolished and a very large new hotel built. Rebuilding of the old Greyhound Hotel, now Victoria Hotel, High St, for Reilly & Co (Walter Emden, 105-106 Strand, London WC) (Bury St Edmunds Records Office) EF 506/6/1/1/21,23 Oct 1896.

Mike Petty's Newmarket Scrapbook:-
"11th November 1897 - An action was brought by Albert Golding, the tenant of certain property in High Street, Newmarket, to restrain alleged interference with their ancient light by William Reilly & Co. Defendants had acquired the Old Greyhound Inn in 1896 and pulled it down, and in building a fine hotel in its place they had obstructed the light to the plaintiffs window. James Cross, a draper's porter, said he knew of the obstruction of light to one window by the fact that he could no longer look out of it and see his uncle. (Laughter). Before the new buildings were erected he could do so. A number of young milliners spoke of the interference with the light to their workrooms since the erection of the new hotel."

April 1898 and September 1898 Valuation for Assessment Committee of the Newmarket Union of the newly erected Victoria Hotel [later the Carlton Hotel] in Newmarket High Street, the property of the Victoria Hotel Company (includes description of Turkish bath, concert and ball room, kitchens, etc, the hotel being described as having "all the latest improvements in architectural arrangement, with the most recent fittings and style, and it may be described as thoroughly up-to-date"), Cambs Record Office - K 515/K/87

This was initially named the Hotel Victoria, soon becoming the Victoria Hotel. A directory published in 1900 described some of its features, which included Turkish baths, winter gardens and bijou theatre. The hotel had 70 bedrooms, 12 large self contained apartments, two large bars, a ballroom and a restaurant. Its staircase was of Purbeck marble.
In the 1910-1920s the premises appear to have housed the Victoria Bars, The Victoria Cinema and the Victoria Mansions. At some time between 1936 and 1948 the name was changed to its final identity, the Carlton Hotel. The most impressive of all the building in the High Street it was spared in the bombing by the Luftwaffe in 1941 when the stick of ten bombs, evenly spaced, took out many premises between Market Street and the Memorial Hall. A magnet for American servicemen during WW2, there are many "interesting" anecdotes of that period. The fact that one could leave the Rising Sun, cross the street to the Carlton and then via the Winter Garden, exit at the rear to reach the Bushel and other interesting premises on the Rookery saw a steady stream of traffic. In the end the building, being in need of substantial renovation and the fact that it was becoming increasingly un-viable, the tenants were ordered to leave and in 1977 it was sold to a Peterborough development company who used existing planning permission to demolish it and re build as shops (by and large Boots)
Most of the interior photographs show, if not the working detail, at least the size of some areas. The demolition was completed by May 1977

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Year Licensee Owner source
1682 as Maids Head Peter May (1600-1760)
1698 John Richardson as Boar's Head Peter May (1600-1760)
1714 Francis Pitt Peter May (1600-1760)
1730 John Archer Peter May (1600-1760)
1786 as the Greyhound Bury & Norwich Post
1787 as the Greyhound Chapman's map
1794 advertisement Bury & Norwich Post
1809 Robert Clark Bury Free Press
1823 John Clark Pigot's and Robson's directories
1841 John Clark census
1843 John Clark, moved to Three Tuns Bury & Norwich Post
1844 William Jarvis White
1857 William Jarvis (bankruptcy proceedings Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1861 William & Mary Jarvis (William Junr and Louisa were at Railway Inn) census
1869 William Jarvis junior Post Office
1871 William [37] and Louisa Jarvis census
1881 Louisa Jarvis (Wm died May 1880) census
1883 sold, (advert gives 17 bed chambers) Suffolk Records Office
1885 Thomas Howard White
1887 William Reilly " " Newmarket Journal
1891 William Reilly census
1892 Reilly & Sons, wine merchants Tindall
1896 C.O.Wilkinson Kelly
1897 became Hotel Victoria
1898 William Harvey Bury & Norwich Post
1899 H. Hardwick Reilly & Co Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1899 Frank Philips Reilly & Co Bury Free Press
1901 Frank Philips census
1908 as Victoria Bars William Reilly & Co Kelly
1911 Ernest Gayfer (for official receiver) census
1912 Charles Warren Bury Free Press
1916 Barrington Lynham
1916-1919 Mrs Lynham (while husband in Army) Cambridge Daily News
1929 Barrington Lynham White
1933 Cecil H.A.Coates
1939 Cecil H.A.Coates ( as cinema manager) 1939 register
1946 Cecil H.A.Coates
1960's Reginald Woodcraft
1965 official receiver
1973 sold for c £100,000 Irvine Allen

c 1870s





view only possibly in 1967 when the Congregational Church was being replaced

Rear entrance in 1971
between Fish Bar and Peter Challice bookmakers


the ballroom.................................winter garden

winter garden 1977


High Street January 1990

Clarks....W H Smith...Boots...Currys....Tooks Bakery....Dewhurst Butchers...Freeman,Hardy,Willis