BULL, in All Saints ward

Location:- as yet not identified

Brewery or Owner:-unknown

Only record seen so far is Peter May's book "Changing Face of Newmarket 1600-1760" , where it is shown as being on the All Saint's side of the High Street.

Owned by Richard Motte and with tenant in 1472/3 Arthur Greysson who was also tenant of the Griffin and joint tenant of the Sword ( between Market Street and Wellington Street) and of the Saracen's Head. The Saracen's Head is shown close to the Bull and the Griffin.
Peter May's book also gives :- Arthur Greysson died in 1479 he'd previously acquired the Bull from Richard Motte and in his will he requested that "the said holding called le Boole with its appurtenances be annexed and joined to the aforesaid holding called le Gryffyn". This explains why the Griffin became such a large plot of land on the High Street.