Location:- West corner of High Street Sun Lane
currently (2019) Caffè Nero

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Tollemache & Cobbold.

Claims that the Bushel was the oldest Newmarket pub in the 1980's could well have been contested by the Black Horse
Deemed to be structurally unsafe it closed 7th November 1984 and was demolished. The site was re-developed and opened as Dixon's in 1986. Dixon's re-branded to Currys Digital in 2006. They closed in 2012 and in August 2013 the current (2019) business, Caffè Nero opened.
Peter Norman armed with camera, was allowed on the site during the demolitions, his photos here scotching the rumour that the demolition was a business ploy. The remarks of the workmen when it was known he had photographed the digger almost descending to the cellar( what a surprise, a cellar in a pub!) are not printable here.

Tollemache & Cobbold brewery was the Cliff Brewery in Ipswich, which was closed in 1989. Not always popular, one venture "Husky Lager" was so bad even the brewery Chairman, John Cobbold, was reputed to have remarked that "it tasted like dog's piss" . It passed from the Cobbold family to Ellerman Shipping, thence to Barclay Brothers and on to Brent Walker who transferred brewing to Cameron's in West Hartlepool in 1989 before the Brent Walker collapse in 1991.After a management buy out it was then bought by Ridleys in 2002 and brewing transferred to Chelmsford. Arch local rivals Greene,King bought it out in 2005 and promptly scrapped it all.

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Year Licensee Owner source
1773 Sam Buckle licensing records
1776 " "
1779 " "
1787 Chapman's map
1798 Ralph Buckle directory
1823 William Barrett unknown Pigot
1839 William Barrett unknown Robson
1841 William Barrett unknown census
1844 William Barrett unknown White
1851 William Barrett unknown census
1855 William Barrett (died 1856) unknown Gardener
1855 Betsy Barrett unknown White
1861 James Hills (died 1863) unknown census
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1869 Clara Hills unknown Post Office
1871 Clara Hills unknown census
1873 Clara Hills unknown Harrod
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1891 Elijah Williams unknown census
1892 George Bowler (from Blackbird, Woodditton) unknown Kelly
1901 George Bowler unknown census
1904 George Bowler licensing records Kelly
1908 Joseph Woollard unknown Kelly
1911 Cephas (Joseph) Wollard unknown census
1916 Joseph Wollard (died 1922) unknown Kelly
1922 Reginald Arthur Woollard (son) unknown Kelly
1925 Reginald Arthur Woollard (son) unknown Kelly
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1929 Charles Pudney unknown Bury Free Press
1933 Alice Spurling (seems to be an error) Tolly Cobbold bought Star Brewery 1934 Harrod
1939 Charles Pudney Tollemache & Cobbold 1939 register
Ronald Maher Tollemache & Cobbold
Charles Connor Tollemache & Cobbold
Nicholas Arter Tollemache & Cobbold
1968 George Orpwood (from August) Tollemache & Cobbold licensing records
1975 Alexander Craig Cairncross (24-4-75) Tollemache & Cobbold licensing records
1976 Ray Jamieson 99-12-76) from Kings Head, Dullingham Tollemache & Cobbold licensing records
closed 7-11-1984

In the 1950's.................and just before closure in 1985

the last tenant, Ray Jamieson

Not much sound wood in evidence

2019 as Caffè Nero