Location:- West corner of High Street and Black Bear Lane (sometimes Grafton Street)
currently (2019) the "Fountain" Chinese restaurant

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Tollemache & Cobbold.

Closed 7th November 1974, the licence was stored until surrendered in 1976.Premises then bought and opened by Shamsur Rahman Choudurry, Abur Rahim and Johur Uddin, re-licensed as Moonlight Tandoori Restaurant on 8 February 1979. Now (2019) a Chinese restaurant, "The Fountain".

Tollemache & Cobbold brewery was the Cliff Brewery in Ipswich, which was closed in 1989. Not always popular, one venture "Husky Lager" was so bad even the brewery Chairman, John Cobbold, was reputed to have remarked that "it tasted like dog's piss" . It passed from the Cobbold family to Ellerman Shipping, thence to Barclay Brothers and on to Brent Walker who transferred brewing to Cameron's in West Hartlepool in 1989 before the Brent Walker collapse in 1991.After a management buy out it was then bought by Ridleys in 2002 and brewing transferred to Chelmsford. Arch local rivals Greene,King bought it out in 2005 and promptly scrapped it all.

Year Licensee Owner source
1787 Chapman's map
1823 William Jennings unknown Pigot
1830 William Jennings unknown Pigot
1839 Samuel James unknown Pigot and also Robson
1844 Samuel James unknown White
1850 Samuel James (Jan.1851 to Wheatsheaf, St Ives) unknown Cambridge Independent Press
1851 Thomas Bateman unknown Slater
1853 Thomas Bateman (committed suicide) unknown Bury and Norwich Post
1853 Julius Bohn (from Sept.) unknown Cambridge Independent Press
1856 Julius Bohn (went to be Postmaster unknown Cambridge Independent Press
1861 Charles Stebbings unknown census
1865 Charles Stebbings unknown Post Office
1866 Charles Stebbings (moved on to Rutland Arms) unknown Cambridge Independent Press
1868 John White unknown Morris
1869 John White (to Sept 1873) unknown Cambridge Independent Press
1873 John Lancaster unknown Harrods and White
1874 John Lancaster unknown White
1885 John Lancaster unknown White
1888 Mrs Lancaster unknown Kelly
1889 Frederick Bailey unknown Bury Free Press
1889 Charles Armstrong unknown Bury Free Press
1891 Mrs Ann Lancaster unknown census
1892 Harry Lancaster (son of previous) unknown Tindall, also Kelly
1893 Harry Lancaster unknown Bury Free Press
1896 Thomas Munns unknown Kelly
1898 Thomas Munns (died April) unknown Bury Free Press
1898 Nellie Munns (Mary Ann ?) unknown Bury Free Press
1900 Mary Ann Munns unknown Kelly
1904 Mary Ann Jupp (remarried) unknown Kelly
1908 Mary Ann Jupp unknown Kelly
1911 Philip Spurling Star Brewery Cambridge census
1916 Philip Spurling " " Kelly
1932 Philip Spurling (died December) " " Bury Free Press
1933 Alice Emma Spurling (widow of above) " " Bury Free Press
1939 Frank Payne Tolly Cobbold bought Star Brewery 1934 1939 register
1960's William Garnum Tollemache & Cobbold
1969 Sheila Docking (October) Tollemache & Cobbold licensing records
1972 Austin Gallagher (July) Tollemache & Cobbold licensing records
1974 William Barlow (brewery Area Manager Tollemache & Cobbold licensing records
Licence stored and surrendered 1976

1895.. note changes to facade and roof


Ready for annual outing -1950s ?

Another pub bites the dust

2010 as "Fountain" Restaurant