Location:- as yet not identified

Brewery or Owner:-unknown

Only record seen so far is in Peter May's book "HIGH STREET and MARKET, Newmarket and its beginning", where it is placed on the High Street, on the St Mary's side at the end of the 15th century. The will of William Folkys 1493 disposes of this inn but does not locate it.The relevant section is here
William Folkys 1493 (P.R.O. Prob 11/10
....I geve to Margaret my wyf the terms of the payment of the ? with all the house and land within Stecheworth and Newmarket tyll time that the Angell be paid for and after that paide she shall have the Angell with all the I kepe now in my titles the terme of her lyff and els yerely 40s and that to be her owne wyll; Aftyr hir decesses I wyll that the said Anngell except the ?uninet shall remayne to my sonne Nicholas if so be that he ?ewled by myne executors so that he shall pay to the church of oure Lady of Newmarkt a foresaid 10 marks.

The great pity is that these old wills and title deeds seldom give the exact location of the properties being described.

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